Meet one Pm group.

Defining and delivering success

Industry-leading knowledge underlines ONE PM GROUP.’s approach to secure, efficient and inspirational development management. It sees our strong team of industry professionals not only manage projects, but listen, understand, ideate, test, persuade, confirm, protect and deliver exceptional outcomes.

We have proven expertise on significant projects on the eastern seaboard, working closely alongside New South Wales and Queensland property developers to handle complex design, construction and quality requirements. From concept inception to completion, expect a proactive team ready to embrace your vision.

Our values

The success of ONE PM GROUP. didn’t arise by chance. It’s testament to our devotion to each client, their vision and our mission, where our highly-skilled team are prepared to go above and beyond to assure exceptional project outcomes.

Commitment to clients

Our diverse and multifaceted in-house professionals set an effective team dynamic alongside each client. It’s how ONE PM GROUP. transparently defines a value proposition that guides the project’s forward vision and ensures complete client satisfaction – every time.


ONE PM GROUP. stays true to its partners, collaborators, employees and clients. We’re proud of the legacy and processes we’ve built, and value productive working relationships based on trust and credibility.


Service excellence is derived from our experienced team of knowledgeable and highly skilled leaders. Our proven expertise goes beyond that of a project and development management company to become the force behind industry-leading and inspiring projects.


ONE PM GROUP.’s mentorship and guidance is proactive, empowering clients and the team towards business, professional and personal triumph. It’s why we lean on our strengths and experience to uplift others.


Just like our clients, ONE PM GROUP. is driven by results. That’s why, from the very beginning, we persistently work to streamline  high-calibre projects that are efficient, timely and cost-effective.

Our expert team

From managerial, construction delivery and legal backgrounds, Peter Ward, James Davidson and Jordan Hickey lead ONE PM GROUP.

Peter Ward

Managing Director

James Davidson


Jordan Hickey


Nationally distributed

With offices in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney, ONE PM GROUP.’s industry-best expertise is unbound by borders. We look beyond the boundaries of project management to provide a professional force that defines success.